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Shiatsu as a treatment for those living with F.M.

Shiatsu is fundamentally a way of influencing a persons overall condition through changing the pattern of internal energies that flow through the body. The power of touch enables us to release our self healing abilities and bring about fundamental changes to our lives.

With the use of thumbs,palm,elbows,knees and feet the practitioner is able to encourage change within the energetic structure of the body, releasing stale and stagnant energy,  inducing deep relaxation and promoting well-being within the client.

For the receiver it is both relaxing and invigorating, dynamic and always empowering. With this awareness comes increased motivation and energy to make a connection between how we live and how we feel.

Based on some core principles of Chinese medicine, shiatsu does incorporate Japanese influences in its style of massage.

Shiatsu is a respected approach to a wide range of health problems.

Stress and tension…..back and shoulder pain and distortion…..circulation…..digestion with constipation…..irritable bowel syndrome…..insomnia….fatigue…..depression…..localised pain….spinal pain and many none specific ailments.

The practitioner will make recommendations based on the treatment and what was found, these may relate to diet , lifestyle, exercise and relaxation techniques.

Steve Davies….

11th Nov

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